Monday, March 9, 2009

Snake Theme Revisited

I have always been a fan of contrast and irony. It's probably because I find it humorous.

I have always heard stories from my art professors when they would do work and not really know "why" they're doing it until a very long time after the work has been finished. I finally experienced that! I created a work in high school (show in previous blog) called "Snake and Rose" --a surrealist work made of colored chalk. To be honest, I had no idea what it was about--then again what artists ever knows? They usually just make up theories to what the work can be about.

-Untitled (2008)
-Colored Pastel with Purple Ink Back on Collage of Construction paper

The process of this work first required an entire dorm room--at the time my studio. I used the floor to first lay out my drawing papers to my liking and taped the back of it on the paper edges that touched each other. I drew the image in my sketch book and then transferred it through a grid of four sections starting from the center. I spent the rest of the time coloring in the drawing with pastel and then finishing it off with purple ink using a poster sponge brush.

My theory(s) for this work are 1) based on the idea of two contrasting ideas that are both needed to exist 2) a reflection of my frustrating love-life or 3) struggle between life and death. '

I would say that this work reflects my love-life at the time which also explains the reason for the scale. Besides from the fact that I never really done any work on such a large scale, I wanted to have something that would simply stand out and capture the attention of the gallery. It later occurred to me that the scale could possibly represent the idea of obvious struggle. For example, a person on the phone trying to hide herself because she was crying--it is, at least to me, drawing attention and makes me damn curious. The ironic thing, however, is that I would automatically assume that her boyfriend is breaking up with her! My work is about that very type of fear and any other type of fear that you may encounter.