Friday, February 27, 2009

Previous Works Before this Blog

Hey all.

I hope to 1) digitize my work for future reference--even if it is just a photo or two of my work 2) get my name out there 3) hopefully start an art career with it and 4) to express my work in a way where I can get feedback from a variety of people.

We'll lets see how things end up.

I've always been a fan of drawing when I was little. I entered an art contest in my elementary school; in 7th grade (I think it was 7th) I drew a group picture of me and my friends--I won second place and was rewarded for it! I was proud of myself and could not stop bragging to my parents.

Having Chinese/ Vietnamese parents was not always easy. Ever since I can remember they would push me to study to become a teacher, a pharmacist, a doctor or "at least a nurse" they say. I guess you can't blame them. We were always tight on money--which would explain the high paying job suggestions.

I want to succeed in the field of arts and design. I want to show my parents and all the doctors and teachers, etc that it's not about the money.

Unfortunately, I do not have this picture with me. It got lost through the years. :-(

Here are a few of my works I've done in high school Junior year. (2004)

-Fruitful Wedding (2004)
Regular and colored pencil drawing on paper.

-Muti-animal (2004)
Regular graphite pencil drawing on paper.

-Snake and Rose (2004)
Colored pastel on black construction paper.

-Final Fantasy (2004)
Tempera paint on poster paper collage.